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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


The College lost another of its faithful friends and alumni in the death last
September of Frank J. B. Huot. Mr. Huot was one of the first students of the
College in the early 80's. An evidence of his extraordinary diligence and energy is the large collection of geological specimens, many of which were obtained
through his instrumentality. All the specimens in the museum in his time, several thousand in number, were arranged, labeled and catalogued by Mr. Huot
himself, under the direction of Father Schulte. His interest in this work continued up to the time of his death; last summer he procured for the museum an
excellent specimen of a sword fish, perhaps the largest of its kind in the Tri-
cities. He was also an enthusiastic booster of the Alumni Association. His
death came as a shock to the College, which feels that in him it has lost an old
and constant friend.

The Graduates of 1914
Of the six graduates from this department, five have taken up the study
of Theology at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md., namely: Leo Kerrigan,
Leo Roling, John Cash, Luigi Ligutti and Edward Rosenthal. The last named,
however, has been compelled to postpone his studies for a short time owing to
serious illness. He underwent a critical operation for appendicitis just before
Christmas, but he has been improving nicely and will return to work in the Fall.
Wm. Hynes is studying Law at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.
Seven members of the Class of 1914 returned to pursue the Collegiate
Course, viz.: Raymond Beecher, George Millett, Peter Bissen, David Murphy,
Wm. Kleffmann, Charles Toynbee and Francis Simons. The others have entered
school elsewhere or have already begun careers of business life. William Bol-
tenstern, Agriculture, at Urbana, 111.; Clifford Boltenstern, Agriculture, at Ames,
la.. Charles McDonnell, Law, at Drake U., Des Moines, la.; Hugh Frazier, Law, at
St. Louis U., St. Louis, Mo. The following are working at various occupations at
their homes: James Cahill, Victor, la.; Timothy Lawler and Wm. Gerwe at Dav- *
enport, la.; Ernest Granquist, Des Moines, la.; Edward Rump, Ft. Madison, la.;
Carl Kautz, Buffalo, la.




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