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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


James J. Kane, Commercial '02, was married on September 10, 1914, to Miss Genevieve Ryan in the Cathedral at Dubuque. Father Shannahan, President of the College, who is a relative of the groom, was present and offciated at the ceremony. Mr. Kane is a prosperous farmer of Durant, la., and a faithful member of the Alumni Association.
Father P. O'Reilley was compelled to give up his position on the Faculty
last October owing to poor health, and was appointed pastor of the Church at
Delmar, la. We are glad to report that his health is greatly improved.
Bernard Meyer, 13, after spending one year at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, has thrown in his lot with the students of "Maryknoll" Mission House,
Ossining, N. Y., where he is preparing for work on the Chinese Missions.
Dr. R. Carney, '04, was appointed attending physician of the new Scott
County Tuberculosis Hospital in the course of the year, a fact which shows the
extraordinary confidence that the medical profession and the Scott County
Board of Supervisors have in the Doctor's efficiency.
Patrick Murphy, '89, a wealthy farmer and stockman of Wapello, paid a
visit to his Alma Mater in April. He is in partnership with his brother Dennis, a commercial graduate of '89.
Samuel T. Lawler, 10, was married to Miss Edna Corrigan at Casey, la., on
April 21, 1915. Mr. Lawler has been for some years identified with the Abram
Rutt National Bank at Casey, is a successful business man and an enthusiastic
alumnus. Congratulations!
Father Martin Loftus, who entered the College as a student in 1891, and
ater became a member of the faculty from 1900 to 1902, was called to his
eternal reward last December. Father Loftus was a zealous priest and a faithful friend of S. A. C. His untimely death brought sadness to the College.
Mr. Edward Henneberry in his "Reminiscences" points out the fact that the
one great purpose of the College is to build up men of character. That the College has not failed in his case may be seen from the following: Since finishing
his College career, Edward has been employed in building up the meat packing
industry in Oklahoma. The Henneberry Packing Co. has a large plant at Guthrie, Okla. On July 29th this plant was completely destroyed by fire, with great
loss to the firm, of which Ed. was the principal owner. In stating his loss in a
letter to a friend, Ed's only comment is that he is in the best of health and has
gained thirty pounds.




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