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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


Alumni Items
Fred Coambs, '06, was married in Chicago on Feb. 15, 1915.
Leon Zeman has been a student at the Art Institute, Chicago, for the past
two years.
John A. Russell, Commercial '94, was a visitor at the College this Spring.
Mr. Russell is now a resident of California.
William Leeney of Oxford was married to Miss Bena Bireline on November
18, 1914.
Leo Cusack, '09, is a member of the Jesuit Novitiate at Florissant, Mo.
Frank Harrison, 11, graduates from the Law Course at Iowa University
this year.
Edmund Carroll is to finish Dentistry at the Chicago University in June.
Ben Reidy, 13, entered the Law School at Georgetown University last Fall.
John Holland is a student of Dentistry at Creighton.
Donald Denlaney is a senior Law student at Chicago University.
John Lewis is studying Pharmacy at the Chicago University.
Dr. Walter Foley, '09, is at present serving an internship at Cook County
Hospital, Chicago, 111.
Leonard Evans, 13, after spending a year at Ames Agricultural College,
entered Notre Dame University last September.
Arthur Brown and John O'Hearn, the Council Bluffs representatives in the
Academic Class of 1912, are both Senior Medics at Creighton University.
Rev. Carl Meinberg, 11, who was ordained last June, has been a member
of the College Faculty during the past year, and is doing splendid work in the
musical department of the College.
Father George Toher was in the course of the year called to Des Moines to
organize a new parish on the East Side. He was for some years pastor of
Shenandoah, la.




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