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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


WE FEEL that the following words by one of the oldest of our
alumni will be appreciated by both young and old readers of
the Annual. They express the sentiments of Mr. J. H. Crosby
of Cedar Rapids, when called upon to address those present at
the first meeting of the College Alumni Association. Mr. Crosby
spoke as follows:
Rev. President and Friends: When a few days ago I received the announcement that a meeting of this kind was to be held, I was glad,
as many years have passed since I had the privilege of meeting some of my for-
mer friends, associates and school-boy companions. For the first time in twenty-
five years I have the privilege of looking into the faces and grasping the hand of
some whom in that day we addressed familiarly as Joe, Frank, Bill, Harry and
Our meeting here today is an occasion that I assure you should have been
inaugurated years ago. I often look back to the happy days of a quarter of a
century ago. Here we laid the foundations for a future. In those days this
institution had small facilities as compared to its great buildings, surroundings
and opportunities for present-day needs.
We are proud of good old St. Ambrose, her growth, activities, and accomplishments; glad to meet so many of the boys of long ago. It is but natural and
right that we should feel so. Whenever in any part of the state or any other
state I meet a student of St. Ambrose, it gives me pleasure; I like to see him,
I like to hear he is doing well, and the better he is doing the better I like it; for
it speaks well of this good old school, of which we feel proud.
We want St. Ambrose College to grow, to take its place among the leading
educational institutions of the country. The number of former students, professors, and friends here today at this meeting is an expression of the good will,
kindly feeling and interest taken by the old boys (for so I am pleased to call
them, whether professors or students, whether clergy or laymen). Next year
let the number be double, aye three times as great. Let us learn to know each
other better, for a meeting of this kind is good. It will make life more worth
living; the world will seem better and we happier. So let us get together now
for a big, strong, active working organization; let everyone lend his mite, his
help, and his good offices. We will have gatherings of men in the future that
we will feel proud of. Let there be no backward step, no lurching to one side or
the other, but a steady, onward, healthy growth.




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