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1915 Yearbook

1915 Yearbook


1915 Yearbook


state and other states. The visitors were the guests of the College Faculty. A
delicious supper was served in the College refectory, after which a number of
eloquent toasts were given. At the business meeting that was held Rev. C. J.
Donohoe, Pastor of the Church of St. Paul, the Apostle, of Davenport, was
elected President of the Association; three Vice-Presidents were chosen, viz.:
Mr. J. H. Crosby of Cedar Rapids, Judge Maurice Donegan of Davenport, and
Mr. H. J. McFarland of Davenport; Rev. U. A. Hauber was elected Secretary
and Treasurer. Various other matters of business, such as permanent organization, dues, etc., were discussed.
This first Alumni Reunion proved to be a grand success, and we all indulge
in the fond hope of bringing it to a greater degree of perfection in future years.
An Association of this kind has many definite objects for its end, the first and
most important of which undoubtedly is the promotion of the welfare of our
ALMA MATER. The success of a College in the present time depends a great
deal on the good-will and boosting spirit of the alumni, but these can only cooperate when bound together by ties of organization, social or otherwise.
It is obvious that this organization will increase the love and zeal of each
alumnus for his ALMA MATER, and thus will have strong influence in promoting her welfare, which is, let it be said again, the primary purpose of the
movement. It will also tend to bring each alumnus into closer intimacy with all
the others, and afford every one an opportunity of seeing again the faces of
those with whom he has spent many pleasant and beneficial hours under the
same roof. It is but natural that we should find it a pleasure to meet persons
we have known and loved. "A name or an incident is only a memory, but a face
is something more, it is a history; and a history not only of things external to
ourselves, but of ourselves."
It ought not to be a burden but a pleasure to come back every year and
spend a day within the walls of our ALMA MATER, which has a genuine love
for each and every one of her children. Let us hope that the time is not distant
when St. Ambrose will have an Alumni Association of many members, all of
whom will be proud to be alumni of this College; then, as it should be, the reunion each year will be looked forward to by all with keen enjoyment.




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