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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


Troy—"I've been wanting to tell you
something for a week back."
Donohue—"Well, what is it?"
Ryan (to Sheehan, who is writing a composition)—"What is that big book you
have there?"
Sheehan—"Figuratively speaking, that
book is a pimple."
Ryan—"How's that?"
Sheehan—"I'm getting the matter out
of it."
O'Toole—"I'd go out for track if they
would furnish me shoes."
Cashman—"I'd go out if they would furnish me a horse."
Prof, (in C. D.)—"What is formal cooperation in another's sin?"
Dick—"When you help him without being an accomplice."
Cranny—"Say, Eddie, the Kaiser ordered
twenty thousand carloads of watermelons
from the U. S."
Ries—"What for?"
Cranny—"To feed the soldiers on the
Simon Holtz gets many joltz.
He is a youth sedate.
He runs a store on the second floor
And he has no hollow pate.
If Bissen ate watermelon, would Rempe?
DeRycke—"What's the matter with
Brassil; he looks stiff?"
O'Toole—"He sent his X, Y, Z's to the
laundry and they starched them."
Found on the Back of a Valentine.
"Sweet Viola, quite a fairy, but contrary,
so think we,
Has a feeling, sweet endearing, not concealing, for H. G.,
But the latter, lazy loafer, not a student,
in retreat,
Knows not Cupid, blithesome youngster,
whom today he meets."
Coonan, Ryan and Troy
Came out to St. Ambrose for joy.
But when they arrived
The joy was deprived
To Coonan, Ryan and Troy.
There was a young fellow named Morrin.
'Bout midnight he started a-snorin'.
And in the next bed
Pe+e raised up his head
And asked, "Is that a lion roarin'?"
Ryan—"You won't know me tonight."
Smith—"Why not?"
Ryan—"I am going to get my hair cut."
Smith—""Oh, I guess I can recognize you
TDy your feet."
Garrity—"Mark Healy has sore eyes."
Cullinan—"He has. What's wrong?"
G.—"He is the class prophet."
C.—"What has that to do with it."
G.—"He looked too far ahead."
I lay in bed one morning
And I heard the bell's last tap;
The President was absent,
So I kept right on with my nap.
Kueser—"How do you like those poached
Knebel—"They are not what they are
cracked up to be."
Shields—"Why did Bissen get married
on February 29?"
Schmidt—"He said he didn't want Nei-
ters to remind him of his wedding anniversary every year."
Coonan—"I can't figure out how to make
this dog house. I wonder if I have enough
Sheenan—"Of course you have; use your
head, man, use your head."
Tarn Donohue—"Do you think that stimulants would hurt me?"
Infirmarian—"Not if you leave them
Doyle—"You farmers are terrible boobs."
Buckley—"Oh, I don't know; they always say that the city population is denser
than the country population."
Hogan—"What time does the 2:45 train
Gross—"At a quarter of three, I think."
Delmar Wolfe—"Have you a single
Wolfe—"Who rooms with you?"
Wagner—"Joe Schmidt will take the
Milwaukee home at Christmas, because it
has yellow coaches."
Doyle (reads from the Pathfinder)-
'Solitary walks are best.' "
Jaeger—"No; cement walks are."
Shields—"When I went home there were
three jobs open to me, so I took my pick."
Morrin—"Didn't you think you would
need your shovel, too."
Beecher—"That's the only young chicken in the bunch with a tail."
Bissen—"That must be the tailor."
Miller—"I dreamed last night that my
gold watch was gone and it seemed so real
that as soon as I awoke I went to look."
Rempe—"Well, was it gone?"
Miller—"No; but it was going."




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