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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


The College Chapel Choir
THE WORK of the Chapel Choir during the past year deserves
special commendation. The high standard established previous
years was maintained. A great amount of special music was
rendered during the celebration and ceremonies throughout the
year, the choir assisting at the Lenten and May Devotions, High
Mass on Sunday, and Vespers and Benediction. Congregational
singing was introduced this year and Gregorian Chant according to the regulations of the "Motu Proprio" of Pope Pius X, received attention.
Very early in the year Loesche's Mass in F was studied, and was sung for the
first time shortly after Thanksgiving. The approval of this popular Mass was
more than gratifying, and the choir continued to sing it throughout the remainder of the year. It won many words of highest praise.
The coming year will, no doubt, furnish new opportunities for the Chapel
Choir, for we hope the approaching year will see the completion of the new chapel
and the installation of a pipe organ, which will greatly add to the solemnity of
the Holy Mass. This advance of St. Ambrose should make possible a traveling
choir, which would not only afford excellent vocal training but would also be a
very effective means of making a greater St. Ambrose.
We regret that Mr. Mell Morrin, who has acted as organist for three years and
been a member of the choir during his entire course, will not be with us the following year, as he will enter upon his course in theology in the fall. It has been
made known, however, that several young men noted as choristers will attend
St. Ambrose next year and these will prove a valuable addition to the choir.
Rev. C. H. Meinberg . Instructor
Mell G. Morrin Organist
Clarence Gross—First Tenor.
Mell G. Morrin—First Tenor.
Jas. J. Morrin—Second Tenor.
Thomas Wolfe—Second Tenor.
Rev. C. H. Meinberg—First Bass.
Louis Rohret—First Bass.
Rev. J. Schoenfelder—Second Bass.
Richard Lee—Second Bass.




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