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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


Music at S. A. C.
\ MONG the activities of the College music is one of the foremost
and particular attention was paid to this department during the
past year. St. Ambrose is very fortunate in having secured Professor Swindell to take charge of the Piano, Harmony and Composition Department. Mr. Swindell is a graduate of the Mary
Wood Chase School of Musical Arts at Chicago, during his entire
course winning marked success both as a student and composer.
On completing his course he opened a studio in Davenport and has already enrolled
many students from the tri-cities. He is a musician who is not only a most thorough teacher, but a pianist of technical finish and inspiring interpretation.
In this department are five organizations: Band, Orchestra, Choir, Glee Club
and Quartette, which have entertained large audiences at programmes and lectures given in the Auditorium during the school year. Besides offering entertainment to the public, much benefit is derived by the members of these organizations in experience and practical training. Nor is the music rendered confined
to students alone. The College at all times endeavors to develop an appreciation
of music in the student body by securing the best of talent to appear in concerts
and recitals.
Professor Paarmann is still director of the Orchestra and also private instructor on the violin. He has very successfully carried on his work at the College for
many years and the applause with which the Orchestra has met under his leadership indicates a keen appreciation of his worth.
The vocal department is under the direction of Rev. C. H. Meinberg of the
College faculty. Father Meinberg even as a former student here took a very
prominent part in things musical, and the success of this department in recent
years is mainly due to his able management. He understands the human voice
thoroughly, its inclinations and possibilities and his untiring efforts in training
the students merit their deepest gratitude.




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