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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


Junior Athletics
St. Ambrose takes pride in its Junior athletes. And by Junior athletes is not
meant that class which has entered upon the third year of its course of study, but
the younger fellows, the boys who are not yet quite large, or powerful, or heavy
enough, to compete with the men the varsity has to offer.
But if they are small, they are by no means puny. If their average weight,
in all branches of athletics, seldom exceeds 120, at their average age 16, nevertheless, if one were in the habit of collecting testimonials, he could secure scores
of them confirming the impression that the team that meets the Juniors has a
bad hour ahead of it.
In the three sports that Junior teams are entered in, the games they have
lost in the past three years you could count on the tips of your fingers. And the
giants they have met! Fellows that would be tough nuts for the first team to
crack! Big, burly, lads, that loomed above their small opponents like redwoods
over scrub oak!
But they all fell, lopped off cleanly at the base of Father Adrian's Probdig-
nagian warriors. Look at the baseball team of last spring. Won 21 games, with
only five losses! And Condon, Kerrigan and Vogel batted above 300! And the
record the previous year was 21 wins out of 24 games. Some consistency! It is
hard to pick any stars out of the Junior organizations. They all have to be stars
to meet Father Adrian's requirements. And so you can go over the lineups blindfolded, and, putting your finger on a certain man's name, say: "He is a star."
And he is. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have a job on a team comprising the best
set of youngsters within many miles.
Then there was the football team of last fall. Those boys certainly used to
labor. Up and down the field, for hours at a stretch they would tear in signal
practice, with no complaints, no halts for wind (imagine a Junior calling for
wind), cheerfully, with their heart in their work, and making the varsity aspir-




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