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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


The Junior Coach
BELIEVER in clean sport and
an enthusiastic sportsman.
That is Father Adrian.
Clean, hard playing, is the
one thing, above all others,
that the Junior coach insists upon.
He has instilled into his small charges
the chief virtue of good sportsmanship; the
ability of losing gracefully. As the records
will show, the Juniors have had very little
opportunity of practicing this virtue, but
nevertheless they are ready to use it if they
ever meet their superiors, which is doubtful.
Father Adrian gets results. And his proteges would do anything for him. That is
putting a long story in a very few words.
Father Adrian was not long at St. Ambrose before he determined to find an
outlet, in some way, for the athletic aspirations of those unfitted by size and
years, for the big teams.
With this object uppermost in his mind he organized the Juniors. He spent
time and money on them, and barred none but those who were qualified for the
That his efforts were not in vain may be seen by the results, not alone in the
fact that he has never failed to produce a winning aggregation, but in the athletic
enthusiasm that pervades the school.
Every boy in the school indulges in some outdoor sport in his free time.
Father Adrian has proved that organized athletics will provide an outlet for a
youngster's surplus energy that otherwise would be directed into other, and less
beneficial, channels.




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