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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


The New Gymnasium
DURING the fall term of 1916 the College will come into the use of
its new gymnasium, which in its possibilities for action, the
arrangement and equipment of its rooms, and floor spaces will
for long years meet every need of the college for indoor exercise
for fine and wholesome conditions.
Situated as the gymnasium is directly to the rear of the college building and connected with it by ample and handsome corridors and having access directly to the field, the convenience of its location becomes
not the least striking of its many features.
At the athletic field level is the swimming pool. The area of the pool will
be for its inside dimensions, seventy feet by thirty feet. The pool will be carefully
filtered by the most modern system known, a system that will keep the bathing
water purer than drinking water. A spectators' gallery will surround the pool.
On the same level with the pool but shut off from it will be the school locker
room, a private locker room, a team room with showers and toilet, a shower bath
room containing twelve showers, toilets, drying rooms, rooms for storage.
On the floor above will be the exercise room or gymnasium proper. The exercise floor will be one hundred feet by sixty feet. A circular running track will be
suspended overhead, measuring twenty-two laps to the mile. On this floor too will
be found the director's room, rooms for apparatus, for physical measurement and
for boxing and wrestling.
Provision has also been made for preserving herein the athletic records of
the school. The athletic ideal is not attained when championship teams are
developed, but it is the College's purpose to bring to every student, by organized
play on the campus and in this magnificent exercise hall, the very great advantages of a good healthy body.




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