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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


A GOOD indication of the present interest of St. Ambrose students
in athletics is the appearance each afternoon directly following
class of twenty-five or thirty young fellows in regulation running costumes. The cinder track is a busy place these days, and
nether underpinnings of all sizes and varieties are on display.
An inter-class track meet has been scheduled for May 15th.
A programme of twelve events is outlined with silver medals and
bronze medals for winners of first and of second places respectively, with a shield
properly engraved to be given to the winning class. Provision will be made in the
new gymnasium for the hanging of these shields so that as the years roll on and the
shields accumulate, St. Ambrose will be building an athletic tradition and will be
forging those links of memory which will serve still more to bind closer to her the
members of the Alumni.
The entire school is enthusiastic over the prospects of this inter-class track
competition and the following track leaders have been selected by their classes:
Philosophers—Paul Kleinfelder, Mgr., and Wm. Schmidt, Capt.
Freshman—George Volz, Mgr., and Rigobert Hellweg, Capt.
Academic "4"—George Miller, Mgr., and Robert Cullinan, Capt.
Academic "3"—Clement Hogan, Mgr., and James Skelley, Capt.
Academic "2"—Frank Wheelan, Mgr., and Ralph Coryn, Capt.
Commercial Senior—T. O'Connell, Mgr., and Herbert Healey, Capt.
Commercial Junior—James Goodall, Mgr., and Clarence Gross, Capt.
This meet will serve to try out material for the school team which will represent the College at the Hawkeye Conference Meet in Dubuque, May 27.




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