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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


Baseball, 1916
THE 1916 baseball season augurs well for St. Ambrose. Although
O'Connor, Wehr and Shields were the only letter men to answer
the first summons, the daily workouts soon disclosed the fact
that the squad contained some very promising material. Competition was keen for the many vacant positions. The early
season games played with the Universal Chiropractic College of
Davenport, both victories, 9-4 and 12-6, gave Coach Jones an
opportunity to test the mettle of his squad and determine on a definite line-up
for the opening game. Eddie Ryan of football and basketball fame has the catcher's berth assured with Cashman as understudy. Woods, Troy, McDonald and
Millet comprise the pitching staff. "Scootch" Woods looks like the big game
pitcher with Joe Troy cavorting about the left garden in his usual able manner, and
prepared to work in the less important games. Coonan, our basketball captain
and star, is covering first base and promises well with the stick. Sheehan at second, McLain at short, and O'Connor at third round out the infield. Sheehan looks
like the classiest infielder St. Ambrose has ever had. He excels in all departments. "Red" McLain at short has not yet turned sixteen, yet in spite of his handicap in size and years, is a splendid infielder. Eddie O'Connor is covering third
with his usual versatility, which to those who saw him cover first last year means
that St. Ambrose's third base player is of a high standard. Joe Troy alternates
between left field and the pitching slab and is a valuable worker in either place.
Wehr is an experienced and able outfielder and has improved this year in hitting.
Harry Shields looks to have the edge on the other outfielders for the right outpost, but Gross, Glynn, Rogers, Hellweg, and Condon are good performers, and
are working earnestly to get into the lineup regularly. The schedule is the longest and most difficult that a St. Ambrose team has ever faced.
April 8—Universal Chiropractic College at St. Ambrose.
April 15—Universal Chiropractic College at St. Ambrose.
April 22—Clinton Central Asssociation at Clinton.
April 25—Emporia College at St. Ambrose.
April 28—Muscatine Central Association at Muscatine.
April 29—Wartburg College at St. Ambrose.
May 3—Wartburg College at Clinton.
May 5—Dubuque College at Dubuque.
May 6—Lenox College at Hopkinton.
May 10—Lenox College at St. Ambrose.
May 13—William and Vashti at St. Ambrose.
May 17—Augustana College at St. Ambrose.
May 19—Trinity College at St. Ambrose.
May 20—Dubuque College at St. Ambrose.
May 24—Universal Chiropractic at St. Ambrose.
May 30—William and Vashti at Aledo.
June 2—Iowa Central Association at St. Ambrose.
June 6—Wisconsin Normal College at Plattville.
June 7—Wisconsin Normal College at Plattville.
June 10—Upper Iowa University at St. Ambrose.




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