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1916 Yearbook

1916 Yearbook


1916 Yearbook


Baseball, 1915
COACH DAVIS, the veteran
blue and white mentor,
once more took up his
duties of producing a
team that would uphold
St. Ambrose's baseball
traditions. L. J. Murphy,
famous because of his stellar performance
in the infield, was chosen to lead the Ambrosians. Under the guidance of the coach
and of the captain the material was soon
developed into a strong baseball combination.
Although we did not win all our games
the Blue and White team always gave a
fine exhibition of baseball skill. McGinnis,
our catcher, was always a reliable man
and his spirit and example did much to
strengthen his team-mates. Voss, Speis and Ryan were probably the best staff of
pitchers ever developed at St. Ambrose. Unlike most pitchers Voss and Speis
were hard hitters. O'Connor at first base earned for himself by his very efficient
fielding the plaudits of the student body. Graham did exceptionally good work at
second and his batting average was the highest on the team. Captain Murphy's
clever work at third was praise-worthy. His graduation in June leaves us without his very able services for the season of '16. Kuehl, whether at shortstop, at
bat, or on base, was always a "whirlwind." Cunningham, Wehr, Shields and Quin-
lan wore the S. A. C. uniforms in the out-field and did work deserving of much
credit. Every man of 1915 leaves an enviable record and the history of the season will not soon be forgotten. Three of the "A" men are back with us and will be
the nucleus of this year's team—O'Connor, Wehr and Shields. Baseball at St.
Ambrose reached its highest standard through the season of '15, and it is the
earnest desire and hope of each Ambrosian that the team of '16 maintain this
April 20-Penn College at St. Ambrose
April 21—William and Vashati at Aledo, Ill.
April 30—Upper Iowa at Fayette, Iowa.
May 1—Lenox at Hopkington, Iowa.
May 7—Lombard College at St. Ambrose.
May 11—Augustana College at St. Ambrose.
May 15—William and Vashti at St. Ambrose.
May 19—Dubuque College at Dubuque, Iowa.
May 24—Augustana College at Rock Island, Ill.
May 29—Knox College at St. Ambrose.
June 5—Dubuque College at Dubuque, Ill.




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