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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


January. 5-Students return; grandmothers begin dying. 6-Murphy finds the Columbia attractive. Cooking operations are resumed by the first table.
7—Klise throws his bank out the window. Morrin seen in town
Individual pictures wanted in the AMBROSIAN.
15—McDonnell composes a new song and dedicates it to Granquist
"That's how I need you."
16—Van Waus pays glowing tribute to the Irish.
19—"Hammer Club" knocked out by Fr. Adrian.
21—Rehearsels for "Tweedles" progresses rapidly.
22—Simon Holtz stars in the debate, but loses on account of the decision of the judges. Kidney sports a green necktie.
27—Orals. All busy, including the philosophers.
28—A new SLEUTH found running loose.
29—Marcus delivers his last lecture on Immortality.
30—Funeral of Mr. Oral Exam. Many flowers.
31—Reports read. We meet St. Joe here.
2-Hot argument in the candy store. Cab worsted. Boys will be boys.
3-Aggies hold another meeting and elect Mell Morrin president,
Zeno Hery Cash, secretary, and Red Dolan, treasurer.
4-Russell forgets himself and delivers a lecture on Immortality
while on duty as janitor of the second floor.
5-Murphy and Ligutti fail to have their daily argument.
6-Klise and Morrin entertain the third floor to a cracker lunch.
10-Welsh stars in class and gets by in Greek for once.
11-Columbus lands at S. A. C. He is welcomed to the new land by
Ambassador Ligutti, charde d'affaires from the land of the boot.
14-"Socrates" Ligutti, the winsome Italian and ardent absorber of
wisdom, stated in the Manning Society, "Ex-President Taft,
President Wilson and Secretary of State Bryan and other great
statesmen are opposed to a literacy test for immigrants, and I
agree with the learned men. Therefore, there must be no test,
and the matter is settled."
23-We decide, after talking with the president, to study on the day
after Washington's birthday.
24-Micky makes a big hit with the "Follies of 1914."
29-Mr. James S. Peters, a student at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore,
arrives, to remain at the school over Sunday.