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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


13-New students arrive and are shown the skating rink and swimming pool.
15-Neuzil's class strikes for shorter hours. Light distinguishes himself by taking a bath.
16-Kleffman actually goes to the end of the refrectory for a bread
17-Welsh is not called in Greek and Schmidt takes his place.
18-Mutt finds that he cannot go home Thanksgiving.
20-Hippias Kerrigan attempts to sing, but is choked into submission.
21-Debate: Resolved, That Simmons is thinner than Mann. Who is
Mann? Aff. Simmons. Neg. Mann.
25-Hynes celebrates the anniversary of the rotation of the earth.
1—Only twenty-one more days.
2—Potter fails to sing during the day.
5—Welsh begins the study of Kant's Philosophy.
7—Hippias gives a speech on temperance. Ma reported sick on the
8—Usual celebration. St. Ambrose Day. Welsh impersonates.
9—Controversy between Dowd and Mutt settled by manly art of
defense of self.
11—Caught in the act; three members leave us. Whitaker writes a
love poem, "0 you Gorman."
16—Kleffman actually gets a pitcher of water for the first table; given
a meal ticket as a reward.
17—Handball alley discovered on fire at recess. On the arrival of the
bucket brigade, however, Dehner and Birkenbuel have the fire
18—Russell back on the job after his illness and resumes his daily
arguments with Ligutti.
20—All aboard for South Amana! Kidney and his new socks leave
for home.
5—Students return; grandmothers begin dying.
6—Murphy finds the Columbia attractive. Cooking operations are
resumed by the first table.