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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


10—Tub and Happy try conclusions on the fourth floor; Happy seen
smiling after the result.
11—General Kelley and a band of warriors terrorize St. Ambrose students in a morning raid.
13—Neuzil earns a nickel in the bowling alley; Ziggy smokes a cigar.
15—Cash and Kerrigan have a spirited debate in the Manning Society.
Rosenthal drops into Greek class for an half hour and the class
extends him a vote of thanks.
16—Bill Schmidt breaks the record for fast dressing.
19—Luigi explains why Bryan drinks grape juice.
20—Smoking room closed. Blacklist full.
21—Smoker still closed. Athletic store reports unusually heavy sale
of tobacco.
22—Rules reread. Piper Heidseik Club threatened with extermination.
23—President of the society calls a meeting and rules are adopted for
the protection of the society.
25—Ziggy opens the game room. Pete Bissen elected captain of the
Checker League.
28—Scandalous! Kerrigan starts to smoke.
29—Kleffman's team wins a basket ball game.
29—Lee leaves his room to take a short vacation in the study hall.
Dick is a hard student and a little recreation in the study hall
will do him no harm.
1—Smokers storm the president's room for G. P., but are driven back.
3—Morrin cracks his annual joke.
4—Van Waus philosophizes that the appetite for food is the highest
of man's appetites, and he decides that he would rather be not
so wise and satisfied than a Socrates miserable.
5—Wilhelm gets his old job back. "Me no liky outside! Me inside
now! Every German crazy. Every German dize way. Hurry
up school!"
6—Roling and Cash perpetrate a surprise, and by a series of open
formations and shift plays, secure possession of No. 6.
9—Tub went through a Latin sentence without making a mistake.
10—Two distinguished Freshmen, Klise and Morrin, spend the day
with relatives in the city. Night mail man arrives late.