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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


Ed Rosenthal.
We are the only class in St. Ambrose that can boast of a class physician. Rosy has held this responsible
position for the past two years. We
induced him to inter our fold the first
morning of our Freshman year. He
takes particular pride in his infirmary and always keeps it neat and
clean. However, it must be said that
his chief claim to fame lies in his
famous preparations of pluto and
Hunadi. He has an unusual strong
voice, and last year the smokers
elected him the president of the singing club. It is generally thought
that he is fond of ice cream sodas.
St. Ambrose will have a hard time
In filling Rosy's place next year. We
feel safe in predicting for him a brilliant career and we are sure that he
will always be loyal to the Class of
Luigi Ligutti.
Permit us to introduce our Italian
member, "Spaghett." Luigi is one of
those good-natured, sanguine humorous characters that always goes far
to make one around him happy. His
good will towards all has never been
doubted. In fact, the first English
word he learned was "jiggers." Three
years ago the Prefect of Studies sent
him to our ranks and we have always
been glad that he did so. He is a
deep student of philosophy and his
love for subjects of this kind was
manifested recently, when he declared that in case of fire here, the
first thing that he would attempt to
take would be his Psychology and
History of Philosophy. Like all of
his countrymen, he is a great lover
of music, and oftentimes he can be
heard playing sweet strains upon his
mouth organ far into the night. We
are sure that in years to come we
shall always be proud to say that we
were classmates of Luigi.
William Hynes.
Billy Is one of the trio that has
been in the class for seven years. He
was once a day dodger, but soon saw
his error and was induced to become
a boarder. Although he is the smallest man in the class, he has more
than made up for this by his general
excellence in all kinds of activity.
He is especially proficient in Greek,
while in Astronomy he has no superior. He is very familiar with the
geography of the world, and it is said
that at one time he fastened a paper
to South America. Gossip has it that
the world was turned around and the
note discovered. Billy, since his entrance into college, has taken a prominent part in her athletics and in consequence has shed much lustre on his
class. He has the best wishes of his
class for a bright and happy career,
and on the occasion of our Silver
Jubilee we expect to meet in him one
of the real great men of the day.
John Cash.
Mr. John Cash hails from a place
that must be blessed with fertile soil
and abundant rain—only the best
conditions could produce a man like
"Mik." Though a lover of the farm,
a friend of the cows and chickens,
"Mik" boasts that he can jerk two
faucets on a cow at the same time.
He is, however, an earnest pursuer
of books.
John arrived in the early fall,
seven long years ago. He was not
long without admirers and friends.
He has held them, too, in all the
vicissitudes of fortune, even when he
appeared with a "Phil" cap. With a
hope that the home folks are just as
pleased with John as we are, we will
say "Au revoir," and we have every
assurance that in the future he will
be a light of more than ordinary candle power.
Leo Roling.
He always walked with hands
thrust deep in his pockets and his
thin dark face shadowed by a brim