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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


9—Students reenter. Our Georgie breaks his arm.
10—Freshies go sightseeing. Some tall buildings here. Welsh arrives. Klise announced. Canning season opens and two go
11-First Philosophy class.
12-Hynes debates whether to take Biology or buy a season ticket for
the American. Neuzil lands the Librarian job.
13-Fr. O'Neill makes a few announcements. Dr. Rosenthal opens
offices on Third Ave and Wisdom Row.
14-Luigi orders a pair of shoes from Italy.
16-Football practice starts. 'Tis rumored that Tub will shortly make
his appearance in a suit.
17-Tables changed. What table are you on? McGinnis goes into
service as S. A. C. mail man.
18-Welsh is appointed leader of the orchestra.
21-McDonnell makes his appearance on the gridiron and is given a
royal welcome.
22-Liguitti is convicted of being a follower of "The Vaiseheka Philosophy."
25-Hank receives a strange bundle. Athletic store moves to new
26-Simon ejects Happy from the gym.
27-Collegians lose their heads as well as their tempers.
28-Happy ties a knot in his legs and finds it much easier to run.
29-Papers interview McDonnell.
1—Frazier fails to go down town for the second consecutive Wednesday. Newport declared bankrupt.
3—Grand assemblage of renowned tasters; Rosy gets sick, Hook
loses "eye."
4—Smokers form singers club. Micky given beauty prize.
5—Klise deposits a dime in his bank. Shields pays visit to I. C. A.
7—"Gee, the Burtis was great last night!" "It must be great to
have a stand-in like that!"
9—Several students go without pie for dinner as result of the world's
series. " 'Tis a cruel world."