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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


Major Basket Ball League.
PRIOR to the regular basket ball season, as has been the
custom for the last couple of years, a committee met
and formed an association to be known as the St.
Ambrose Major Basket Ball League. This received
the hearty approval and recognition of the Athletic
Management, and to further the interest and obtain
more telling results, a tempting prize was set aside
for the first and second teams. Too much praise cannot be attributed
to the work which this league has accomplished in such a short time.
The sole aim of the association was the developing and perfecting of
aspirants for the Varsity team.
Six teams were to compose the league, and after the naming
of the captains, F. Murphy, A. Burke, M. Russell, W. Kleffman, F.
O'Mally and C. Wagner, the committee selected the six different teams.
From the first few games it was seen how uniformly the strengths
of the teams had been estimated, especially the first four named.
The opening game was played October 17 and the closing game
December 14. Captain Russell's team showed speed from their initial
game and kept up their winning streak until they met the speedy
quintet captained by "Toots" Murphy, the speediest player in the
league, and it proved a desperate battle, but "Toots," with his basket
shooting and all-round star playing, proved too much for his rivals
and they lost their first game. Murphy's team was now in the lead,
with Burke's and O'Malley's tussling for third place. When the two
leaders met the second time it was for the leadership of the league.
At the end of the first half the score stood 17 to 18 in favor of the
leaders, but in the second half Russell's team completely outplayed
their opponents, throwing basket after basket until the mighty conquerors were completely subdued. The playing of Russell and Egan
featured this game and won for them the title "Champions. Wagner's and Kleffman's the two tailenders, failed to make much of a
showing against the other teams, though in one or two games they
forced their opponents to the limit for the victory.
The Major League was a tremendous success, and so well did it
accomplish its purpose that three of the regular Varsity squad are
products of the league.