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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


battle of the season's schedule. "Dutch" intends to follow up his
practice in the Kansas wheat fields during vacation and we expect to
see a genius "white hope" when the whistle blows for the fall try-out.
Rump, a substitute at guard and center, took part in three games and
won his "A." Ed is a voluntary resident of Fort Madison and is better known among us as the S. A. C. musician. He was not among the
original aspirants to basket ball honors, but the game comes easy to
him on account of the graceful arm movements developed during his
three years' directionship of the College bend.
It is no exaggeration to say that during last season we met the
strongest basket ball teams among the minor colleges of Iowa and
Illinois. St. Joseph's, Lombard, St. Viateur's all were successful in
turning out champion teams. While we did not bring back numerous
scalps from our scouting expeditions, we are satisfied that the opposition has felt the force of our attack and may always look forward to
a good, clean, sportsmanlike game from the defenders of the Blue and
Members of the First Team and the Games in Which They Played:
Kerrigan—St. Joe, St. Joe, Lombard, St. Viateur's, Lombard
Schmidt, Capt.—St. Joseph's, Lombard
Rump—Lombard, St. Viateur's, Lombard
Jan. 17—St. Joseph's at Dubuque.
Jan. 31—St. Joseph's at Davenport.
Feb. 4—Lombard at Galesburg.
Feb. 12—St. Viateur's at Davenport.
Feb. 19—Lombard at Davenport.
"A" Winners:
Murphy, Fitzpatrick, Rump, Kautz, Whittaker, Kerrigan