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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


The Choir.
Much credit is due to Father Meinhardt for the exceptionally high
standard of the Choir. Much attention has been given to the study
and rendition of the Gregorian Chant. Many difficult Masses and
Hymns have been mastered, the very difficult obligato part being ably
carried by our youthful boy sopranos.
Rev. J. P. Stahl )
Rev. N. Meinhardt }
Mell Morrin Organist
George Potter First Tenor
William Kleff man First Tenor
Mell Morrin First Tenor
Edward Bradley Soprano Soloist
Lawrence Morgan Soprano Soloist
Ambrose Burke Second Tenor
Edward Rump Second Tenor
Ernest Granquist First Bass
Edward Rosenthal First Bass
Leo Kerrigan Second Bass
James Welsh Second Bass