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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


James Welsh Third Cornet
Hubert Thoman First Trombone
George Millet Second Trombone
Anthony Jaeger Third Trombone
Ernest Granquist Baritone
Edward Neuzil First Alto
Thomas Wolfe Second Alto
Rigobort Hellwig Third Alto
David Molyneaux Fourth Alto
Fay Nagle First Tenor
Edward Wehr Second Tenor
Irenas Morgan First Clarinet
Charles McDonnell Second Clarinet
John Barry Third Clarinet
Frank Simons Tuba
John Whalen Tuba
George Potter Snare Drum
Joe Schmidt Bass Drum
The Orchestra.
The Orchestra, which numbers about fourteen members, is under
the efficient direction of Mr. Paarman, of Davenport, with James
Welsh as assistant. Of the musical organizations at St. Ambrose, the
Orchestra is the most popular. It contributes most of the musical
numbers at the various plays and programs presented during the
school year.
Rev. Nicholas Meinhardt First Violin
James Welsh First Violin
Robert Moehn First Violin
James Cahill First Violin
George Millet Second Violin
Donald Kerstetter Second Violin
Leo Doyle Second Violin
Edward Rump First Cornet
Merle Skelley Second Cornet
Irenas Morgan First Clarinet
Ernest Granquist Valve Trombone
John Cash Bass Violin
Mell Morrin Piano
George Potter Traps