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1914 Yearbook

1914 Yearbook


1914 Yearbook


Music. THE MUSICAL organizations at the College in 1914
have not been below the high standard, which has
given St. Ambrose an enviable reputation, in encouraging and cultivating the art of Music. She fosters
it as a factor in education and culture. The organi-
zations comprise: Band, Orchestra, Choir, and the
Deutscher Lieder-Kranz.
For many years the Band and Orchestra have been successful
institutions. This year a new impetus has been given to vocal music
by the introduction of a course in the Elementary Training of the
Fundamental Notions of Interval and Harmony. Many of the younger
students are taking advantage of this opportunity for voice culture,
with the result that much latent talent has already been discovered,
which augurs great results for the future.
In the graduating class of 1913 were many prominent members
of the Band. At the beginning of the present scholastic year there
were numerous applicants for vacant places in this organization—all
aspirants having a general knowledge of Music, but few acquainted
with their respective instruments. The Band, however, was able to
make its first public appearance February 6, and surprised everybody
with an "overture," the opening musical number to "Tweedles," a
comedy presented by the students. Since then many new selections
have been added and much of the music of the future entertainments
will be furnished by the College Band. Prof. Ernest Otto, the widely
known, enthusiastic and efficient music teacher, has been our instructor for several years. He has been very creditably assisted by Edward
G. Rump, who for the past three years has held the responsible position of student director.
Edward G. Rump Solo Cornet
Merle Skelley Solo Cornet
Karl Kautz Solo Cornet
Ambrose Burke First Cornet
Martin Whittaker Second Cornet
James Dawson Second Cornet