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1976 Yearbook

1976 Yearbook


1976 Yearbook


First Row; Stece Burger, Don Costcllo, Kevin Murpy, John Johnson, Bill Ferris, Mike Mack, Rick Hanke, Jeff Miller, Bob Collite, Mike Faye, Ruben
Lugo, manager Mark Spring
Second Row: Coach Lew Kilfoy, Mike Leaf, Walt Drahozal, John Seier, Jim Malloy, John Osweiler, Pat Quinn, Mark Lehiew, Carl Stahler, Flegal, Gary Holiday, Jacobson, Greg Stevens, Coach Fenelly
Third Row: Mike Hewuer, Jogn Chirato, Carney, Bill Brockway, Noblock, Larry Schroader, Steve Schroader, Ron Timmerman, Mark Smith.

1975, and the new football team was
two years old. The season wasn't
exactly spine tingling, but we did
win a game and performed much
better. The players felt that a good
deal of experience had been gained in
the field.




St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52803