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1976 Yearbook

1976 Yearbook


1976 Yearbook


Ambrose's students even became a
saint. He was a fellow named
Back to the original question.
There is a very large and well
known center of learning in Milan
and since St. Ambrose was Bishop
of Milan, all Milanese knew of him
and of his achievements. When
Iowa was opened to settlement, the
first settlers included a group of
Milanese missionaries. As a
consequence, for about fifty years
there was a strong Italian influence
in the Catholic clergy of this area.
A Dominican priest named
Matracelli, a Milanese sent over
from Italy to preach to the Indians
of the New World, was not only
very active in Iowa an missionary,
but was also a builder. According
to the stories of St. Ambrose
College's orgin, this man actually
worked on the original buildings
which formed the college. I also
discovered that only schools of
higher learning can have a name as
prestigious as St. Ambrose's. This is
the only college now in existence
that is named after the good
bishop. So, I conclude that the
influence of the Milano priests
combined with the scholarly
traditions associated with this saint
caused this college to be named St.
Ambrose College.
Kathy Graetz




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