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1975 Yearbook

1975 Yearbook


1975 Yearbook


Ambrose offers a wide and varied range of activities and clubs. The opportunity to futher develop an interest in politics, or drama, or your major is certainly available. A student interested in the fine arts had many alternatives in the way of extracurricular activites. The Chorus provides the chance to sing and perform in numberous functions here on campus, as well as the disciple to practice. A talented actor is welcome to take part in any of the five plays performed each year at Ambrose.
Various outlets for those interested in journalism are also available. At Ambrose, you can become a reporter, a disc-jockey or a yearbook productionsit and recieve valuable experience. Academic clubs such as the Art Club and the Education club and the Business Fraternity bind together those of a certain major. The future politician can test his skills by running for an SGA office or by participating on J-Board. Student election familiarize students with political activities such as campaigning and publicity. Chess enthusiasts find good competition by joining the Chess Club. Anyone who thinks the leanring stops when the classes end, is certainly unaware of the many, many extracurricular activities at Ambrose.
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