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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


August 5 Mr. Thomas Coughlin and Miss Monica Kerrigan were married.
The marriage was solemnized at St. Anthony's Church, Davenport, by Rev. Leo
Kerrigan, a brother of the bride, and also an alumnus of St. Ambrose. The young
couple have made their home in Davenport where the groom conducts a garage. Mr.
Coughlin is agent for the Hudson and Essex cars and the Twin-City Tractor. Joseph
and Kevin Coughlin, brothers of the groom, are working with him.
Wm. Hughes, Acad. '17, who left his Alma Mater in his Junior year of Liberal
Arts to enter the Passionist Monastery at Cincinnati, Ohio, became a formal member
of the Congregation of the Passion, March 26, 1920, at Louisville, Ky., when he took
his vows of religion. Mr. Hughes is now known as Confrater Paulinus.
Merle Skelley, Acad. '15, is now connected with the Registered Life Insurance
Clement Hogan, Acad. '17, is attending Creighton University.
Peter Sadler, Acad. '97, is one of our alumni of whom we must not forget to make
mention. A graduate of the Northwestern University School of Pharmacy and a good
business man, he has made his mark. After working as a pharmacist for some time in
Chicago he set up a business for himself in Davenport in 1903. Since then he has built
up an excellent business and soon expects to move his store to new and more spacious
quarters in the Whittaker Building.
Dr. A. C. Brown, Acad. '08, is another of our promising young medics. He graduated from Creighton University in 1918, receiving his M. D. degree, and has since
been practicing with Dr. Dermody in Omaha.
Robert Lennaghan, Acad. '15, is a student at St. Louis University. He is a member
of the Medical School.
Dr. John Holland, Acad. '11, a graduate of the Dental School of Creighton University, is practicing at Pender, Nebr.
Walter Crowley, Com. '11, is working with the Moline Consumers Co. at Ot-
tumwa, Iowa.
Peter Supan, Acad. '17, is a student of the Medical College of the St. Louis University. Mr. Supan took his pre-medical work at Loyola University at Chicago.
Dr. C. V. McCormack, Acad. '99, is a dentist whose skill at his profession is known
to his fellow-citizens of Davenport and vicinity. After leaving St. Ambrose Dr.
McCormack entered the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery from which he graduated in 1909. While in attendance at that institution he belonged to the Psi Eta Fraternity, was vice-president of his class and business manager of the College Annual in
1908. Since his return to Davenport, besides making a name for himself in his profession, he is also one of the organizers and a member of the Davenport Athletic Club.
He is both a Knight of Columbus and an Elk, while last but not least, Manager and
Captain of the Sunday Morning Club which annually appears on the College diamond
to battle with the Varsity baseball team.
Richard Lee and Marcus Healy of the Academic class of '16 are students at the
University of Iowa. They are members of the Liberal Arts and Medical Departments, respectively.
Raymond Crowley, Com. '16, is employed at the Scott County Engineer's office in
Francis Lew, Com. '14, is working at Kewanee, 111. He is an employee of the C, B.
and Q. Railway.

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