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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


Raymond ("Mugsy") McGrath, Acad. '16 and a student for two years in the
collegiate department of St. Ambrose, has entered upon his first year of theology.
Leo Mahoney, James Skelley and Ralph Coryn, Academics '18, are attending Notre
Dame University. Other Ambrosians at the great Catholic institution are Henry
Meersman and Charles King of the Academic class of '18.
Arnold Hand, Acad. '18, a student at the University of Iowa, Francis Wheelan of
Washington, Iowa, Edmund O'Donnell of Lee, 111., Joseph Flynn and Norman
Wicks of Davenport, and Carl Bloom of DeWitt, Iowa, are applying their knowledge
to practical problems at home. All are members of the Academic class of '18.
Arthur Mallon, Acad. '18, is employed at the Davenport Post Office.
Wm. Conway, Acad. '18, spent the school year of ' 18-' 19 at Dubuque College
wmere he reflected honor both on his professors and his athletic coach, Fr. Adrian, at
St. Ambrose by winning prizes in oratory and short story writing as wrell as being a
member of the Varsity basket ball and baseball teams of the College. Pie is at home
this year at Aledo, 111.
John Collins, Aloysius Rempe, Joseph Wagner and Henry Overberg, Academic '17,
will graduate from the Collegiate department in June.
Rev. Leo Kerrigan, College '14, who was professor at his Alma Mater for the
school year '18-'19, has been transferred to St. Patrick's, Iowa City.
Thomas Kennedy, a former college athlete, was one of the stars on the Davenport
Athletic Club's football team of last year.
Mark Devlin, College '18, was coach of the Moline Fans Association football and
later joined the celebrated Canton Bull-Dogs. In January he hired as athletic coach
at the College and in that capacity has been acting since.
Dr. C. E. Glynn, an old alumnus of the College, has been engaged in the medical
profession since his graduation.from the University of Chicago, and he has faithfully
served his fellow-citizens for nearly a score of years.
Joseph Huot, a graduate of St. Ambrose since the late '90's, for several years has
been in the shoe business and has established a firm with an excellent patronage in
August Van Wontergehem, Acad. '16, graduated from the Law School of Notre
Dame University last summer and is now taking post-graduate work at Georgetown
University, Georgetown, Md.

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