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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


George Bouquot and Matthew Timmer, Commercial graduates of '19, have returned to the college to enter Academic department.
Leo Hoeppner and Thomas Thompson of the same class are engaged in work in
Of the College graduates of '18 George Voltz, James Garrity and Thomas Wolfe
are at St. Mary's Seminary.
Francis Griffith, Edward O'Conner and Louis Rohret of this class have been sent
to the advanced seminary of the Sulpicians at Washington, D. C.
Two members of the same class, Anthony Jaeger and Rigobert Hellweg, both promising young men of great ability, have been forced by ill health to discontinue their
studies at St. Mary's. The former's case is very serious and for some time he has
lingered between life and death. At the present writing his condition is critical.
On June 15, 1919, Rev. Wm. Schmidt, '16, celebrated his first mass at his home
church, St. Mary's, FortTViadison, Iowa. This popular young priest has been assigned
to St. Mary's, Iowa City, as assistant pastor.
On August 24, 1919, Paul Kleinfelder and Rev. Hubert Thomann were ordained
to the priesthood in the chapel of St. Mary's Seminary by His Eminence James Cardinal Gibbons and on August 31 celebrated their first masses.
Mell Morrin '16 is still engaged in his theological studies, as his kind assistance
rendered to his Alma Mater in the autumn of 1918 retarded him in his school work
so that he could not be ordained with the remainder of the class.
Raymond Beecher, Patrick McGuiness, David Murphy and James Morrin, College
graduates of '17, are numbered among the students of St. Mary's Seminary, while
Peter Bissen, '17, is at St. Francis Seminary, St. Francis, Wisconsin.
George Millet, '17, is at home at Ottumwa.