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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


Not only in the business and professional world is St. Ambrose represented, but in
the person of Lieut. Frank Lew, one of the pioneers among the alumni, she has a man
who for many years has been a power toward preserving peace and order within the
city of Davenport.
In the infant days of St. Ambrose College, while St. Margaret's school was yet the
cradle of the tiny babe, later to grow to the size we find her today, Lieut. Lew received his diploma from the Commercial Department, June, 1885. He first worked
for several years as a printer at the office of the Daily Times, but for the last seventeen
years he has been a member of the police force of Davenport. Twelve years ago he
was appointed sergeant and six years later, lieutenant. In that position he has for the
last six years shown the most sterling characteristics. More than one police chief
during that time has found him an able and worthy assistant and counselor and with
every administration he has remained at the old post.
A good Catholic gentleman is Lieut. Lew, a man in every respect with a genial,
honest, straightforward manner that makes him honored and respected by all. He is a
member of the Catholic Order of Foresters and of St. Paul's Church. Taken all in
all, we would say that he is a man of whom we hope that many of our alumni are
moulded. Such are a benefit and an honor to their Alma Plater.
Kind readers, you have seen above the portraits and accounts of a few of our honored alumni. Of them indeed we are proud. Oh, how many are there of whom we
have no record! Would that a great enrollment of those who are the successful and
honored sons of St. Ambrose College might be made. What admiration might be not
then expected? But for the present let our humble efforts succeed in bringing to your
minds a faint idea nf what our College is doing for the world.