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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


When we find a man who has gone from us to enter the halls of fame we are glad to
sing his praises, but when a whole family of men have reached the heights of success,
we are forced to stop and admire the wonderful spirit of courage and altruism which
animates such a group.
The Dougherty family has three men who may justly claim the honor of being successes in the business world. Their names are known throughout the state and they
are honored by all who know them.
Oi these three brothers, Thomas, Edward, and Lee, we are most concerned here
with the second. Of the others ample space and honor is given in this book.
Edward J. Dougherty '95 is at present a prominent man in Davenport affairs. As
President of the Citizens Trust and Savings Bank, he occupies a position of trust and
honor in which he evidences an ability of which any man in an equal position would be
glad to be the possessor.
At a meeting of St. Ambrose alumni a few years ago, Mr. Dougherty was selected
President of the Alumni Association. Since that meeting, this organization has lapsed
into a state of lethargy on account of the war and accompanying disorders, but it is
hoped that during the administration of this worthy president that it will spring up
with new life in the near future.
Mr. Dougherty is a member-of the Davenport Commercial Club and of the Knights
of Columbus. A communicant of the Sacred Heart Cathedral, he has always been
known and respected as a good, faithful Catholic. Like his two brothers he has shown
to the world how men can be both true Christians and successes in business. Today he
enjoys the honor due him in his station in life. Good luck to you, Edward J. Dougherty, may prosperity and joy be your lot throughout life.
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