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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


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Dr. Foley left St. Ambrose walls in 1909 and
shortly after entered the Medical College at Northwestern University. From this institution he graduated in 1913 and received his M. D. degree. For
a year he was stationed at Cook County Hospital at
Chicago. He then returned to Davenport where
he practiced until the United States entered the war.
With the commission of first lieutenant he served in
the Medical Reserve Corps throughout the war.
For some time he was stationed at the Evacuation
Hospital behind the lines in France and later acted
as Assistant Chief Surgeon of the Base Hospital at
Langres, France.
After making an excellent record for himself in
the army he once more took up the practice of medicine in Davenport, entering into a partnership with
Dr. McCarthy in May, 1919. He is now on the respective staffs of Mercy and St.
Luke's Hospitals and also Acting Assistant Surgeon of the United States Public Health
Service in Davenport. Besides- this he has a very good practice. We wish you much
success and happiness, doctor!
This enterprising young lawyer is one of our late
products. A graduate of the Academic Course of St.
Ambrose in 1912, and of the Department of Law of
the State University of Iowa, in 1915, Mr. Harrison has but fairly begun his life work, but as may be
testified by the fact that he was the Democratic candidate for Police Magistrate in the recent election,
his fellow-citizens realize his worth. Since 1915, he
has been one of the law firm of Sharon and Harrison
and has gradually risen to a position of honor in that
profession. He is a fourth degree Knight of Columbus and a member of the Commercial Club, young,
popular, energetic and ambitious, he promises great
things of himself and we, of his Alma Mater, will
look to him for such. We are glad to number him
among our alumni and hope he will always succeed,
as his few years as a lawyer argue that he will.
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