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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


This energetic and successful physician graduated from the Classical Course of St.
Ambrose in 1907. From there he entered St. Louis University from which he received his M. D. degree in 1911.
His first medical work was done as an interne at the Alexian Brothers Hospital of
St. Louis. The St. Louis Female Hospital was his next station, but in October, 1912,
he opened his office in Davenport and has since been at the service of his fellow-citizens.
That they have recognized his ability as a healer may be judged both from this that
since 1912 he has been in charge of the County Hospital and also that he is a member
of both the staff of Mercy Hospital and also of St. Luke's Hospital. Besides these
positions he has also a very large practice.
Among other deeds of note which we mention, we must not forget that Dr. Carney
was one of the pioneer football players of St. Ambrose, and to him must be given credit
for the introduction of that branch of sport at the college. He helped collect the funds
which started the first squad on its way, and was himself one of the members of the
I think we make no mistake in calling Dr. Carney a successful man. Popular, energetic and capable, he is making a name for himself in the community of Davenport and
vicinity, and we sincerely hope that his future will be one ever prosperous and sunny.