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1920 Yearbook

1920 Yearbook


1920 Yearbook


Dr. Paul C. Schnoebelen graduated from St. Ambrose in 1909, completing with
honor his work in the Classical Course. The following year he entered St. Louis University, beginning his studies in pre-medics. Later he took up medicine and in 1916
received his M. D. degree. While a student at the University he was prominent in all
activities. Among the many honors conferred upon him there, were the appointment
as Archon of the Phi Beta Pi Fraternity in 1914, the office of Class President in 1915,
and the Editorship of the Archive in the same year. On the Varsity football teams of
'14, '15 and '16 he was one of the stars.
After his graduation from the Medical Department of the University, he was chosen
as an interne at St. John's Hospital and there served during 1916 and 1917. When
war was declared with Germany, he enlisted in the Medical Corps and received the
appointment to a lieutenancy. He was, however, placed in the Reserve and the conflict was over before he was given an opportunity to see service. During this time he
was one of the Medical Advisory Board of St. Louis.
In 1918 Dr. Schnoebelen entered into a partnership with Drs. Engleback and
Tierney, and at present the three are engaged in the practice of internal medicine.
They have complete control of the x-ray work of St. John's Hospital, one of the best
and largest hospitals in St. Louis. Dr. Schnoebelen, in June, 1919, was chosen as a
member of the staff of this institution, and, at the present time, he and his partners are
engaged in the very successful prosecution of their medical work.