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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


President of the Des Moines Catholic College
Among the numerous prominent alumni of St. Ambrose, we may point with pride
to Father Toher. This young priest is a man of whom we may justly be proud, for
he has risen to a high and responsible position early in life, and has reflected much
honor on his Alma Mater. A native of Davenport, he graduated from the Classical
Course of St. Ambrose in 1899. At St. Paul Seminary he pursued his philosophical
and theological studies and was ordained to the priesthood June 15, 1904. He was at
once sent to Des Moines as assistant to Rt. Rev. Msgr. M. Flavin of St. Ambrose
Church. His next appointment was to the Shenandoah parish and, while pastor of
that place, the new diocese of Des Moines was formed and the town of Shenandoah
was made a part of the district of that diocese. While stationed in that parish, he
proved his ability as business man, and as a successful and zealous propagator of his
holy Faith by building a fine church and by greatly strengthening the parish in numbers and civic influence.
From there he was transferred in the spring of 1915 to the new parish of St. Peter's
in Des Moines. His duties here consisted in the organization of his flock and the
building of a church and school. In September the edifice comprising the church and
school was erected and the people brought together.
When the diocese of Des Moines opened its new diocesan college in 1918, Bishop
Dowling preferred Father Toher to his other priests to be the president of the new
institution. The college opened its doors in September, 1918, and has since been
steadily growing, thanks to the zeal and devoted work of its faculty and particularly
of its president. May St. Ambrose have many more alumni like this one!