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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Every institution is justly proud of those who have gone forth from
its doors and have succeeded in life. St. Ambrose, too, is not an exception to the rule and she never fails to note with the most heartfelt joy
and pride that of her many faithful sons there are few who have risen
to a position of greater honor than has Judge M. F. Donegan.
In the year 1890 he left his Alma Mater and entered Creighton
University, from the Liberal Arts course of which he graduated in 1895.
He next attended Georgetown University and there received both his
degrees of M. A. and Ph. D, Two years in the study of law were pursued at the same institution, but the State University of Iowa was the
place at which the Judge finished his law courses.
After his graduation from this university, Judge Donegan took up the
practice of law in Davenport. His partner in the first was E. M.
Sharon, the well known lawyer. For seven years the two worked successfully until the former was elected City Attorney in 1908.
In this capacity the Judge showed himself as a man of action, one on
account of whose intellectuality and integrity the city and community
might well trust and respect. When a meeting of the bar was called
to elect the additional Judge for the district Judge Donegan was
unanimously elected. In 1913 he gave up his position as City Attorney
to take his place on the bench and has since demonstrated his ability in
that position of honor. During the late war he was Chairman of the
Legal Advisory Board of Scott County and a member of the Instruction Board of the district of Eastern Iowa. The Judge is also a member
of the Executive Council of Boy Scouts.
Besides these honors Judge Donegan is a Knight of Columbus and
belongs to the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Beyond and above all he
is a good, faithful Catholic, one of whom the Church is as proud of as
the Bar, the City or the State.
A quiet man of pleasant personality is Judge Donegan, with a striking
face and a manner that makes him remembered. Able, forceful and
energetic, of great executive and judicial ability, he has made himself a
prominent figure in the State. Well may St. Ambrose rejoice that such
an example of manhood bears the name of alumnus of St. Ambrose.
Even greater success and happiness, we wish you, Judge, than you have
had heretofore. Keep up the good work; we need men like you.