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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


This year for 1919 and 1920 works a new epoch in the history of
St. Ambrose College. During her long life of nearly forty years,
she has with difficulty weathered the storm. Many noble sacrifices
from noble men were made during those years to hold the doors open
and keep the College on its feet. The recording angel alone shall
know of the heartaches, the embarrassments, the humiliations, trials,
sufferings, wants and needs of the clergy in whose hands the destiny
of the College has been placed during her history.
But now we can proudly boast that our dear Alma Mater stands
forth in the full light of day, an endowed institution.
This noble work was begun last August when the Rt. Rev. Bishop
Davis, D. D., selected Rev. J. M. Walsh of Albia as chairman and
under whose leadership the campaign to date is a great success. One-
half million dollars is reached at this writing and the enterprise is
moving gradually. Fr. Walsh is an alumnus of St. Ambrose College
and his name appears among the list of graduates of 1896. He is now
devoting his whole time and energy to raise the endowment fund
for his Alma Mater.
The work is now in full blast, the enthusiasm of the promoters is
ever constant, the people of the diocese are rallying around the cause
and the end of a successful campaign is in sight.
The money subscribed will be placed on interest in safe investments and in this way a large fund will be available each year for the
general upkeep of the institution. Equipments of various kinds for
the science halls can be procured. Men of recognized ability may be
engaged periodically to give lectures to the student body. The College can in future show its appreciation of the teaching staff by a
proper and adequate remuneration and when conditions demand it
new buildings may be erected without further appeal to either priests
or people. These are but a few of the merits of an endowment fund
for a College like St. Ambrose that has had a constant, gradual,
healthy growth through all those past years. When it is endowed
and able to stand alone side by side with other Colleges of the country, no seer or prophet dares to set a limit to its possibilities.
To the Alumni of St. Ambrose, then, we appeal most to ask of
them that they continue to set the good example and subscribe generously to the fund. If others do so, what may we not expect of you
who have received your education at St. Ambrose?
Rev. J. M. Walsh.