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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


For the second time it has been our pleasant duty to
record the happenings which befall our Alumni throughout the year. It is a task not altogether easy and that
our successors might not have the difficulty met by their
predecessors, we would suggest that items of interest be
sent to the Alumni Editor and in that way, that this section of the Ambrosian might be made "bigger and better". Of those whose names are mentioned in the following pages, we beg pardon if any error has been made
in statements regarding them.
We wished to give true, accurate accounts of events
as they occurred. As a novel plan we have set before the
eyes of our readers the portraits of men who have made
their lives successes and whose words and examples reflect honor upon their Alma Mater. If, kind reader, you
believe that you should be included as such a member, do
not feel slighted. The Alumni Editor of 1921 will be
only too glad to hear of you. Our one wish is that all of
you accept this humble work from our hands with feelings
of gratification and interest.
Ernest Casey,
Alumni Editor '19, '20.