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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Rank: "What was the best bet you ever made?"
Cosgrave: "I don't know."
Rank: "The alpha-bet."
Wise One
"So you've known my son at college, eh?"
Dutch: "Sure; we slept in the same Philosophy Class."
Why, Nevin!
T. Lew: "The Study of Scarlet is a good book; you can't tell what's going to be on
the next page."
N. Gerwe: "O dear me, I can tell—'print'."
D. Doyle: "The Midgets beat the East Intermediate 29 to 1."
L. Slowie: "Ye gods above! What would they do to the Varsity?"
Introducing Our Singer!
"Hello, my name's Wolfe. I'm from McCausland. You know Lessin? He's
from there where I am from."
His Own Opinion
Com. Prof.: "Come on, wake up. I'm too young and good looking to be doing all
the work for you fellows."
Burke: "Give that man the cake."
Visitor: "My, there are a great many oaks around here."
Endries: "That's nothing. You ought to see the timber in some of the classes."
A Full Meal
J. Stahl: "I wish they wouldn't boil these eggs so long."
G.Lewis: "Why?"
J. Stahl: "I don't always care about eating the whole chicken at one time."