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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Da spring ? da spring ? You say ees here ?
No, no! You're wrong, my fren';
For still da skjr ees look so drear',
'N eet ees cold agen.
On—what you call eet?—"Groun' Hog Day"
Da sun eet shine so bright
I guess da leetla groun' hog say,
"O my! I lose my sight!"
So justa spitefullike he go
'N crawl eento hees hole
To sleep for seexa month or so,
'N I—mus' buy more coal!
Eet maka me so mad, my fren',
Dat I am freeze baycause
Dose—what you call 'em ?—weader-men,
Dey got sooch foolish laws.
Dey say ef comes da grounda peeg
'N sees hees shadow—Beeng!
We gona have seex monthsa beeg
Of weenter 'fore da spring.
I tal you ef I jus' could fine
Where lives do leetla snout,
I'd wait unteel da sun no shine,
'N den I pull heem out!
Da spring? da spring? Eet ees not here.
I weesh eet was, my fren';
But oh! .da sky eet look so drear',
'N wheee ! Ees cold agen !
Eric Craig.