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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Leo Hess resigned his job as care-taker of one of the
class-rooms. He was asked by J. Kenyon what the
reason was and remarked: "I'm honest, I am. Whatever I find when sweeping I always turn in. The
other night there was a notice on the blackboard, 'Find
the Highest Common Divisor,' and last night it said,
'Where was the gold discovered ?' They'll think I took
them, so I quit; I'm honest."
In Some Cases
Bevo: "Say, Dutch, what is that back of your ear?"
Dutch: "How do I know?"
Bevo: "Well, look and see; you've got eyes, haven't you?"
Dutch: "Yes, but not there."
Bevo: "Where are they, in your feet?"
Dutch: "Some people's brains are there."
Infirmary Blues
invalid's song
Infirmary blues go to my spine,
I'm painted up with iodine.
And all night long I lie awake,
And think about the pain and ache,
Until the night has taken wing,
And then, at dawn, I start to sing.
My iodine, sweet iodine,
For you I pine, my iodine,
Dear iodine, will you be mine ?
I love you just the same, my iodine.
I get the blues 'most every day,
While lying there among the hay,
It gets my goat to lie so long,
So I composed this little song,
And when I hear the class bell ring
I jump with glee and start to sing: