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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


A Good Reason
Boudewyns: "Why are you so stuck up?"
F. Hart: "I've got a right to be. I flunked more than anyone else around here."
Algebra Up to Date
Davis: "X plus Y equals X2Y2."
Lanam: "Yesterday it was only XY."
"Yes, that was yesterday; but it's like the butter, it went up today."
B. Murphy and Matt Frett had an argument over who was the taller.
"Humph," snorted Murphy, "I'd be twice as tall as you only my suspenders hold
me down."
A Difference
H. O'Neil: "What are you looking at?"
V. O'Neil: "That hen there. She's got such a lorg neck and her tonsils are on the
outside and all swelled up, at that. When I had my tonsils removed they took something out of my neck."
Ed. Foley: "What is the origin of the Easter egg?"
Al. Overberg: "I think it took its origin from the hen."
The Trouble Maker
McLoraine: "What are you hitting Snyder for?"
Hannon: "He gave the wrong translation in Latin this morning."
McLoraine: "Well, what of it?"
Hannon: "I copied from him and got jugged."
Sternberg: "I don't like to be talking about myself."
Powers: "Is that so?"
Sternberg: "Yep ; nobody understands me anyway."