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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


At Junior Game
McHard: "I don't see anybody with brass buttons and clubs."
Fennell: "This is a basket ball gams, not a prize fight."
McHard: "Where are the guards though?"
Fennell: "Norton and Coughlin. Don't you see them?"
A day scholar's excuse for being late: "Father, I was sick and also had two boils
and walking was bad."
Bevo: "The guy that wrote this letter surely pulled a boner when he tried to spell
my name."
"Who wouldn't?"
Bevo: "It's too bad Webster didn't insert it in his dictionary."
"Why don't you see unabridged ? He has a new dictionary and might do that."
Fr. Schoenfelder to Fitzpatrick: "Go in the study hall and take up the roll. See if
Tom Davis is here."
The Poor Choir
O'Donnell: "The choir members are going to have their pictures taken in cassock
and surplice."
Costello: "Getting ready to bury them, eh? I thought that last singing sounded
like a requiem."
Why! Dan
Prof.: "We'll speak about Jehovah to-day."
Keeler: "Was he one of those Roman warriors?"