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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Dr. Culemans: "Joseph, what is the Cognitional Determinant?"
J. Code: "It's—It's—well, it's—oh, I see all right what it is but then I don't just
exactly see—"
"Mr. Fitzpatrick, give us an example of what to your mind would be classified a
Fitz.: "Al Rempe and Joseph Code sitting together in a box seat at the Columbia."
Prep History
C. Costello: "Who was Abraham Lincoln ?"
P. McGivern: "A poet that got shot in the neck.'
Answer to Advertisement
Dear Sir:—
I notice that you have a vacancy for a bookkeeper and typist, either lady or gentleman. Having been both for several years I beg to apply for the position.
Henry Vander Vennet.

Fr. Hauber: "Mr. Overberg, can you explain to the class the meaning of the term
phytogeny ?"
Henry: "The study of a feather would, I think, answer the question."
Prof.: "Then what would you call the study of all feathers in general?"
Henry: "Ontogeny."
Prof.: "Henry, you were out again last night."