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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


A position as lecturer.—N. Gerwe.
To know what color tie is best suitable to wear at theaters, social gatherings, etc.
-L. Nieters. (I am much concerned about this.)
A good hair restorer.—H. Overberg.
A receipt for weight reducing.—J. Hendricksen.
To sell a few old Latin books with linear translations.—A. McGivern.
The (E)scape(d) Goat
The "Bolsheviks" were holding an initiation on the first floor and were rudely interrupted by their rivals, the "Red Daggers", just as the critical moment was nearing.
There was a grand dash for the outside world via the window and one unfortunate,
Harvey Wolfe, fell prostrate on the ground.
"Did you ride the goat?" asked Lanam.
"No, I tried to, but woke up in a straddled position on the walk and the darn old
goat was gone."
Prof.: "What was Julian's last end?"
Lanam: "Didn't he die?"
Profs may come and profs may go but the 69's go on forever.
Fr. T.: "Who was George Washington's mother?"
Stud.: "Betsy Ross."
Prof.: "Define Heretic, infidel and apostate."
Student: "Heretic—a tramp. Infidel—a murderer. Apostate—a Mexican."