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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Valentine Day
F. Vass: "Valentine Day has a special significance for L. Nieters."
Monger: "How's that?"
F. Vass: "Why, besides bringing affectionate messages from Texas it is also the
anniversary of his birth."
Monger: "Gosh! That's a deep one; I—I—don't—get you."
F. Vass: "You don't? Didn't you see the card that came from the South this
Monger: "No. Whom does he know down there?"
F. Vass: "I couldn't say; I don't know her name."
Monger: "Her name! Say—this—is—getting—interesting! Do you mean to say
he has a girl in Texas?"
F. Vass: "That's it. You got it now and here's what the card said: 'Take my heart
from your little hope chest'."
A certain resident of the third floor had an occasion to send some washing to the
laundry. The gentleman in question, Mr. G. Watters, is of an unusual avoirdupois
and hence is better known as "Fatty". When the laundry returned his package there
was one article, a night shirt, that hadn't been laundered but bore a note which read:
"My dear sir, we don't do up tents."
Murphy: "I fell last night and struck my head on the piano."
"Red" K.: "Hurt yourself ?"
Murphy: "No, I fell on the soft pedal."
Sweet Repose
Sheppard: "I'm attending Fr. Lawlor's lectures on chemistry."
McGivern: "So am I. Must sleep some time."
Schaechter: "What was the narrowest escape you ever had?"
M. Wagner: "It was just after Easter vacation. I had an engagement to elope with
a lady, but she postponed it because of rain."
Ante-Prohibition Days
Walker: "I used to drink."
Glenn: "You must of had a bartender for a nurse who gave you malted milk."