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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


"The Mumps"
At the M. D.'s Office
Davis: "May I go to town this afternoon?"
M. D.: "No, sir."
Davis (a little later) : "May I leave now?"
M. D.: "No, nothing doing. Get out of here."
M. D. (still later) : "Say, Davis, come here. Didn't I say that you couldn't get off
this afternoon ?"
Davis: "I believe you did, Father, but two negatives make an affirmative."
The window sills appear to be quite popular as resting places after meals. A reason
without a cause is the only account that we have to offer.
McGinn: "What's your idea of a good time?"
Falvey: "Wednesday afternoon. You can shoot pills and pool."
The Substitute
Fr. Lawler: "Mike, what became of all that cough medicine?"
M. Wagner: "I sold it all."
Fr. Lawler: "I mean that 98%."
M. Wagner: "Yes, I know what you mean. Joe McGuire got it all last night."
Luxury Tax
M. D.: "You can spend a week and three days in the study hall for visiting in that
Pat Donohue: "Can't you cut off the three days?"
M. D.: "Oh, no. That's the war tax."