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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


Schoenfelder: "Did you hear about
Cosgrove swallowing a spoon?"
Feeney: "Is he very sick?"
Schoenfelder: "Well, he can't stir."
Keeler: "Say, Bill, what is the most
critical moment of the day for you ?"
W. McCabe: "Getting up in the morning. I have to debate the question, will I
or won't I ?"
Square Root
Van Besien: "What would be the quickest way to find Matt Frett's height?"
Heenan: "Simple enough. Extract the square root of his foot and you have it."
We'd Call It Sleeping Sickness
6:15 A. M.
P. Kelly: "Say, guy, are you going to get up?"
E. Murphy: "No, I'm sick again."
P. Kelly: "What kind of sickness is that? You seem to be able to go to breakfast.'
E. Murphy: "You've got me. It comes on about 6: 15 and disappears at 7: 05."
Fr. J. J. S. (to Gannon) : "Why weren't you at physical culture this morning?"
Gannon: "I was there with bells on."
Fr. S.: "Mr. Becker didn't hear them."
Gannon: "Well, I'll get a siren."
If Roy's Burden became a Bohr, could Paul Lessin it?
Gleason: "What's the best bar of candy you have ?"
Collins: "I couldn't sav; I never eat sweets."
Kenneth Kerker tells us he is ambitious to grow up and own a fruit stand; then he
can have all the bananas he wants and won't have to pay for them either. The candy
clerks are an exception, Kenneth, so don't judge on that.
Ye Goode Olde Days
H. McCabe: "Say, Busty, what's the best drink you ever had?"
E. Kelly: "Oh, let the poor thing rest."