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1920 yearbook

1920 yearbook


1920 yearbook


The Height of ?
Timmer: "We ought to have something on this floor."
C. McCabe: "You take the measurements. Wait, I'll get a yard stick. I'll be
back in a minute."
Timmer: "I don't need that stick, I measured it."
McCabe: "Well, how large is it?"
Timmer: "As long as this rule, my arm, two books and the curtain pole. I had
them all in a straight line."
Prep Students From the Farm Going to Town
Lemberger: "Look at that building; it says hose station over the door."
Shirk: "Yep. That's one of those stores where they sell socks."
M. D.: "How many fellows study in here?"
Prefect: "Oh, about half."
One Early Winter's morn on the Morrow of Christmas the M. D. put on his
Butz, climbed into his Mitchell and was off on a hunt for a Wolfe. Instead, he
came upon a Moos standing by the Watters. When the animal saw that he was
spotted he tried to get away. This act brought laughter to the M. D. and he uttered
(under his breath), Like Kelly can get away from me. I'll Stahl him and plant a
Hickey on his nose. I'll drop behind this Bush and he Ott to come back. It was a
long time before the animal returned but the patient man didn't Shirk his duty. He
waited until the beast reappeared. A shot. The animal fell. The M. D. dragged
him to the Stackhouse and was about to Barry him wdien he decided to Boyle him
to Welch rarebit. This may seem a Rank thing for him to do but don't Frett for
we have a nice leather skin that Fitzpatrick who is in real Glea(son).